e-mail / paulhoefener@yahoo.com

    Work with industry professionals in a team oriented environment developing dynamic concepts. Utilizing my classical and industry training to fully realize those concepts and solidfy them into finished works. To put in the extra hours, blood, sweat, and tears to create the best product possible, and lets not forget have a BLAST doing it!

Game Art Generalist / Spooky Cool Labs. / October 2011 - Feruary 2013

Description: Spooky Cool is a Chicago start-up company creating innovative social games. I was hired as a game art generalist because of my wide range of skills. I had a great oportunity to wear a number of hats, from doing illustrations to asset concepts, character paintovers, inventory illustrations, UI paintings, texture libraries, 3d modeling, and even a bit of animation. I also had a chance to gain a better understanding of the game art pipeline and how each department works together since an essential part of my job was to communicate effectively and regularly with members of other departments.

Contract Concept Artist / Game Refuge Inc. / Jan 2011 - April 2011

Description: Illustrate characters within pre-determined visual styles for games. Working with team members through e-mail to provide the highest quality product possible.

Contract 3d Artist / WN Burke Inc. / Jan 2011 - Present

Description: Model high detail next-gen game assets within a pre-determined visual style for games. Modeling and animating mechanical animatics. Working with team members through e-mail, chat, and voice calls to provide the highest quality product possible.

Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer / DVG games/ April 2011 - July 2011

Description: worked on three titles for DVG games, While working on the projects, I designed playing cards, game boards, as well as the fnial game boxes.

Contract Character Artist / ClockWork Elements Llc. / Jan 2011 - Present

Description: Model characters within pre-determined visual styles for games. Working with team members and clients through e-mail, chat, and voice calls, to provide the highest quality product possible within a strict deadline.

Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Art Director / Custom Screen Printing / Sept 2006 - Aug 2007

Description: Create high quality designs for use on t-shirts and other apparel as well as logo design. Working with clients to efficiently meet their needs. The job also required a high degree of organizational and time management skills. customer needs.

Adobe Photoshop
3d Studio Max
Pixelogic Zbrush
Adobe Flash
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Illustrator
Epic UDK
Microsoft Excel
Corel Painter
Corel Draw

Concept art
3d Animation
Digital Painting
Digital Inking
Graphic Design
HTML Web Design
CSS Web Design
3d Texturing
3d Modeling

The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design

NICHOLS Career Center
with a fucus on commercial art and computer technology

Jefferson City High School
General High School Education

"Paul is a great student and workhorse as an artist. He has a very good attention to detail, and the chops to be able to implement a great many assets in short period of time with professional level quality. For an artist of his level, he is easy to take suggestions and spin them into gold. He is one of those guys that you'd want in your corner at crunchtime knowing that he has a complete skill set and an artistic eye, and humble enough to implement changes without complaint. Great guy!" March 22, 2011

Kip Gire / Instructor at Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg

"It is rare to discover a talented student like Paul Hoefener in your classroom, but always a treat to watch him work. He is not only a dedicated and visionary artist in every respect, but a skilled technical wizard as well. I have seen very few naturally gifted conceptual artists, and fewer still that can work with the speed that Paul does. All the nuances of lighting, texture, and atmospheric mood are captured in a very precise and beautiful style. His modeling skills are equally impressive, capturing the detail and surface, as well as weight and form of his paintings.

He works very well in a team environment. His critical eye and positive influence simply make everyone's work better. I would recommend Paul Hoefener for the highest level position in a game or VFX company. His attention to detail and team-oriented personality would be a great fit. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the team he helped lead at the Illinois Art Institute. He is one of our best graduates." December 22, 2010

Christopher Tedin / Instructor at Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg

"Paul has many skills that will serve a digital design company well. He learns quickly, is not afraid to learn new things, is a talented illustrator and artist and is a good communicator. Whether it is game design, digital content creation or interactive media, Paul will be a great asset to any team! Ted Long" December 22, 2010

Ted Long / Full Time Game Design Instructor at The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg

1st Prize / Best Game / Artimation Digital Art Festival 2010
1st Prize / Best Scene Design / Artimation Digital Art Festival 2010
3rd Prize / Senior Scholarship Contest/ Nationally
1st Prize / Senior Scholarship Contest / Schaumburg
2007 Missouri Boys State Alumni